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Walking to the musical beat as your body finds it’s tone

How many of us actually listen to our internal voice whispering to us to stay committed to our personal health. You may hear  words in your head singing truths of conscience but do you always put these phrases into your body and not just hold them in your mind? Take hold of the idea that energy gets energy putting thoughts and ideas into action. You can do it! You merely have to believe in YOU.

I remind myself of this idea everyday while I reach out to women all around the country. The idea of online personal fitness training to motivate others through music helps me in turn with my personal weight issues.
Taking the first step to the beat of our personal rhythm and goal is a good place to start. One foot at a time walking as a soloist playing the music on our own strings. Popping on that computer or MP3 player filled with fitness music workout programs that are easily downloaded right at your fingertips is a quick inexpensive way to get motivated. Exercise that is green with no plastic to unwrap or garbage to take out. Walking on a treadmill, outside or simply walking in place at home are all good as long as you Never Stop Movin’ to achieve musical health!

Begin with a stretch:
1. Stand with your feet hips width apart. Standing up nice and tall lengthening the spine.
2. Shoulders are down and back with hands at your side.
3. Now take a deep breath through the nose opening up your arms and lift them over your head. Exhale through the mouth and bring the arms back to your sides. Repeat this four times.
4. Drop your head with chin on your chest and round the body over and let yourself hang. Feel the stretch at the back of your legs. Shake your head and neck out while you are in this position.
5. Now tuck the chin and round the body back up into a standing position letting the head be the last thing to come up.
6. One more time, take a deep breath inhaling and exhaling. Now you are ready to begin to move your body.

And now start walking:
1. Burn calories by simply walking to a piece of music that makes you want to move.
2. Keep your stomach tight and feel the rhythm as you walk.
3. Enjoy the sound of the music and let your body find it’s tone.
4. Believe in you. Today’s the day that nothing can stand in your way. Always remember that!

Click on this link below to listen to a song by me to YOU as you walk and always remember…..
Hear the music, feel the beat and never stop moving in your body and in your life.
Marina Kamen Blue

"The Silent Night!"

"The Silent Night!"

Living a health life can be a challenging and daunting task to many of us that deal addiction. That dark hole that can swallow us up as we fall deeper and deeper into the depths of repeating negative patterns of behavior. Those cravings that may over take the spirit that so wants to come out of the darkness. Dealing with the depression that can set in after we have fallen into the mouths of our personal demons.
I have for years struggled with a food addiction that has had a mind of it's own speaking to me in the middle of The Silent Night. Waking up from a night mare where my world is turned upside down with an image of growing in size no matter what I do. The Silent Night filled with running until my heart feels like it is pounding out of chest and about to burst! Sweating profusely with the feeling of boiling over like a pot on the stove as I slip into deeper dreams.
As a person who has lost 100 pounds, I understand the power of an inner pull that can rise up in the soul at any given time. That inner voice that can play the evil trick of singing a sour song of clanging tones with no lyrical cadence. That all too familiar sound of self discipline silenced.
Close your eyes this Silent Night..."close your eyes with words unspoken...let me whisper what is on my mind...this Silent Night". Do not despair, my friend. Unlock the silence and then unlock The Silent Night. Rise up out of bed that next morning with a feeling of power and determination. Find the will in yourself to face those addictive demons with a vengeance. Know that a positive silently awaits you. Know that you have the power to free yourself from those chains that bind you and float away in the Silent Night with that urgency to silence the negativity that may often gobble you up whole!

Here is a song by me to you at a tempo of 128 beats per minute to motivate you to take control and drift off this Silent Night with a new found spirit.

Hear the music, feel the beat and Never Stop Movin' in your body and in your life!

click song link below to hear The Silent Night

Marina Kamen Blue

Come on down to my Drive Thru!

Come on down to my Drive Thru!

In these current times of fast food restaurants, the rate of obesity is growing. Portion sizes have continued to mount up, with our waist lines following closely by. Sodas that were human size are now large enough to quench our thirsts for a week. Hamburgers, sandwiches and french fries that are a single serving, according to the menus, are plentiful enough to feed 2 people. What is it about our culture that has put this into place? Why are we the only country in the world with this frame of reference in terms of what should be on our plate? Our younger generation is growing up with this food point of reference being the norm.

The idea of large, super size and glutinous eating is a source of trouble for us all. The rise of health care cost lay primarily on the rise of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and make for a country filled with compromised immune systems.

Walking, running or any cardio activity sure helps, however, the commitment to staying focused on proper food portions is where it is at. Nutritional guide lines are slowly being put into place on many of our favorite fast food menus but has this come too late. Has our own point of view in terms of what is in that paper wrapped sandwich gotten out of hand?

Protein amount should be the size of one's fist. One cup of green vegetables. Ok, ok, if you have to eat those french fries, order the small. Who needs a large? If you get a large french fries share it with someone.

Come on down to "my" DriveThru! I got something to share. Roll down that window and come to my drive thru. A place where I will always encourage you to watch your portions. A place where I will share with you fitness pointers and motivate you to "Never Stop Movin'!" A place where you can hear the music and feel the beat and lead a healthier way of life.

Stay well and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!


Click here for my song "Drive Thru"
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Fight Obesity with at home musical fitness "edutainment" Holla!

At a time of economic and global uncertainty, the idea of fighting the battle-of-the-bulge may feel like an unnecessary burden. Gym memberships may not be in your radar during the face to face combat of paying those daily bills. Treadmill workouts, elliptical machines, spinning may not be your priority of the day. Needing to soothe oneself is at an all time high making the "high" in the evening more important than anything else. Yes, yes, I know, "pick your poison". What happened to the old time idea of sharing ourselves and feelings with family?

The idea of staying home and making life's daily motions convenient has never been more important or palatable for families. Finding stay at home "edutainment" ideas that can make us feel filled with energy and positiveness. Time spent with your spouse and the kids may start with the music. Walk or run in place while you spend time together eye ball to eye ball talking and sharing your day's events. Raise up that voice and "holla!". Get closer to one another. Does family time have to be around a dinner table? Can't it be by simply looking at each other and helping to achieve a healthy sense of self? Yes... spending time together as a family can be good for your health! Simple lifestyle changes such as movement are always spoken about. How about putting them into motion literally. Stretch, relaxation exercises, abdominal work can all be done together. Go ahead and complain while you do it. Why not? Misery loves company as the expression goes. No pain no gain, Honey! Keep that energy moving in your body and in your life.
Pop on that track and never stop movin!

Hear the music... feel the beat.... @126 beats per minute and HOLLA!
Click here for my song Holla!

Marina Kamen aka MARINA
MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Music & Workouts

Marina Kamen Blue

At a Time of Paper Houses... You Can Count On Me!

Never has there been a time of more uncertainty than now. Those of us that were born during the 50s and 60s have always held out hope for the future. College, marriage, children, career are all areas that we have assumed would be part of our path. Not so fast! These days with the economy and health care costs crumbling down around us our lives are starting to feel more like paper houses falling rather than wind at our backs. The wind that we thought would push along through life may currently feel like a tornado that is bound to blow away our paper houses in our minds destroying what we are attempting to create around us.

Working on our health and fitness is something that if given the blessing of no underlying issues can give us a feeling of control. No, we cannot always control those outside sources of government spending or extenuating circumstance, however, we can grab hold of our health by taking a walk or stretching in the morning. How about lying on the floor while listening to some great music and working on those abs. Oh yes, having access to a treadmill is always good but simply popping on those headphones and taking a walk is sure to leave you filled with vitality and a more positive attitude for the day.

You can count on me! As a mom of 3 kids that was born in the late 50s, I have seen much. As a person who has lost 100 pounds, I have tapped into feelings of empowerment and self worth. You can count on me to be there with music and words of passion. You can count on me for encouragement and that extra gentle push. You can count on me to be there when the wind has blown down that paper house knowing how you feel.

my song to you...
You Can Count On Me!


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Small On Cash But Large On Weight?... "You Need What I Have" For Only 99 Cents

With the state of the economy being in a shambles, obesity seems to be on the rise in this country. Why? Well, maybe it is because people are turning to less expensive food alternatives that do not always carry the highest nutritional value. Maybe it is because gym memberships are not a priority in one's budget restraints. Maybe it is because many of us turn to food to soothe ourselves when times get tough.  Excuses? Well... good excuses, I think. These are difficult times for most out there. Yea.. me too!

As a woman who has had 3 children and has lost 100 pounds, I understand how easy it is to turn to food but how hard it is to loose  those pounds that seem to creep onto our bodies so quickly. I also understand getting into shape as well as weight control and the cost that can go along with it.

Most foods that we know are better for us than junk food can sometimes be met with a pretty hefty price tag. Fresh organic vegetables... lean fish and meats... along with that gym membership and or with that personal trainer can add dollars to your monthly budget. Who can afford that?

How about the idea that with the internet right at our finger tips we can find a bunch of what we need for a fraction of the cost. This is certainly true of what is available out there to keep us motivated to move!

As a singer songwriter/ recording artist I started to license much of my music to the fitness community in the late 90s. Jazzercise... Dynamix... these companies have carried my music for years. In 2004, with the birth of Podcasting... I had an idea! How about merging the worlds of music together with that of a fitness trainer's vocal instruction and help people get into shape right at home for very little money. Instead of a personal trainer who comes with an hourly price tag... how about simply offering a large selection of downloadable workout programs for only 99 cents a piece. How about the idea of staying motivated while at home in the privacy of you own living room. For those that have a piece of equipment such as a Treadmill... music and workout programs at your finger tips are invaluable. For those of you that have no equipment.. how about the idea of walking or running in place!... of course...walking or running outside is always great. Whatever the choice, the concept remains the same.

Why pay lots of money to get into shape? Why should being over weight come with a large price tag..... start with the music... the voice... the encouragement and motivation for just pennies?

Take a cardio Musical Health moment and move to this song from MARINA's High-nrg Fitness Music & Workouts at 135 beats per minute.

Are you short on cash and need to loose weight and get into shape... I do believe... "you need what I have!"

Stay well and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!

Marina Kamen aka MARINA

Click to listen to my song What I Have
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"Livin' In Motion!" w Musical Health by MARINA

 "Livin' In Motion!"


   Staying motivated at a time when all seems futile and impossible is easier said than done. Thank goodness for the old premise of misery loves company. There is a feeling of soothing to know that we are not alone. That most people out there currently are feeling the stress and pinch of our modern day state of affairs. The feeling of moving forward or "Living in Motion" is certainly being tested at this moment in time for most.... certainly for me.

    Movement and physical activity can not only help you in terms of your health and weight but can also help to heal your emotions. Putting on a great song that moves your heart and taps into your emotions can lift your spirit. Even a song that brings you to tears while you are on a treadmill or just taking a walk can help you stay in touch with your feelings enabling you to move forward.

   This is my philosophy.... "Livin' in Motion"... Never Stop Movin'!.... roll with the punches(....ha,ha, one of my favorite lines from Jerry Maguire). All those cliches that we hear everyday are there for a reason. To give us hope to keep on keepin on!

As a person that has lost 100 pounds and constantly struggles to keep my weight and health in check, I understand the pitfalls of staying on the wagon. Financially as a mom of 3 kids I am tackling the never ending cycle of trying to keep my head above water financially.

   This is why I write music for health & fitness. For while I hope to help others I am also helping myself at the same time. I appreciate all of you who read my material...listen to my voice and music. This is what helps keep me "Livin' in Motion".


Here is a song by me for you! At a tempo of 140 beats per minute...take some time for own Musical Health! in long as you Never Stop Movin!


Marina Kamen aka MARINA



Marina Kamen Blue

Feel The Power of 50! w/Musical Health by MARINA!

As a 50 year old mother of 3 kids that has lost 100 pounds while redirecting my commercial music business in early 2001 to include composing music for the health & fitness communities, I feel that one is never too late to go for any goal. In this time of economic uncertainty, most people...experts....masters of any trade are being tested. Being able to make a left hand turn at middle age is becoming more and more common. Going for a career that might have been compromised for any reason during life is no longer unusual.

They say 50 is the new 40. Yes...I agree. With good health and medical attention 50 years old can be the start of your life with you being only half way there.
We all have talents... maybe still untapped.I say GO For It! Here is a bit of Musical Health motivation to get you going in mind and spirit. do any cardio activity you might choose.
Even if you are sitting in a chair I urge you to inhale and exhale to the beat to experience Musical Health. Enjoy and as always... Never Stop Movin'! M

Marina Kamen Blue

Say the words still "Unspoken!" w/Musical Health!

     How many of us go through our days feeling like the weight of the world is on our shoulders? Doesn't matter what age... what stage of life... we often feel like nothing we do may ever really count or amount to anything. Why continue to dream or have goals when everyday we put on the news to hear about more disasters or the futility of our own purpose. Simple. Keep it simple. Maybe that is all it is. Hear that inner know, the one that speaks to you in the back of your head. Breath... take that breath of life... movement... Maybe the "Unspoken" words that make up our own feelings are enough. Listen to those feelings. They have no IQ... they are your feelings...valid! Surrender to them and validate "you!" 
Do not leave "you!". Take a deep breath... inhale through your nose... exhale through your mouth. Keep breathing. Drop those shoulders and lengthen your spine..... relax.... and find peace in your own words that may be and remain forever "Unspoken!"
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Reach For The Top!-w/Musical Health!

   How many times do you wake with that feeling of wanting to give up? Yeh.... me too. Well, I am here to bring you words and music that will help to inspire even the most jaded of readers and listeners. As a singer/songwriter and music producer who has concentrated on bringing music to the health & fitness communities, I spend my days reading blogs and thoughts from people all over the country. As a mom of 3 who has lost 100 pounds, I appreciate the writings and inspiration of others. What a time we live in. Easy? No...Whether financial or health related, the stress that comes along with the daily struggles of going for one's goals can take its toll. Motivating each other to stay on track utilizing the reach that technology can offer is a wonderful gift for us all! So... I bring you music... lyrics... motivation... Reach for the Top! Come can do it. Whether it be losing a few pounds, looking for work or nurturing a relationship. Click on the link to hear a song from my catalog at At a tempo of 137 beats per minute ( bpm) I hope that it gives you that extra push  to Reach for the Top!

Enjoy and as always...

Never Stop Movin'!

Free song below..
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