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Marina Kamen aka MARINA
11 March
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Marina Kamen- aka (MARINA)Musical Health & Fitness Podcast Winner.
MARINA lost 100 pounds and is a mother of 3 children.

MARINA is an accomplished producer, vocalist, choreographer and multi-instrumentalist in New York City. In addition to her work on countless commercials over the past 25 years, MARINA is known for her Billboard and music charting record releases. An innovator in online distribution, MARINA's catalogue of over 400 songs and more than 30 albums are currently being distributed around the globe with companies including International Audible.com, IAmplify.com & Lodingo Austrailia. In 2005, MARINA was awarded the first People's Choice Award in Podcasting for her oringinal musical health and fitness programming. This enabled her to launch MarinaOnline.com which now offers over 1,000 of MARINA's musical downloadable products.

MARINA began her musical education in 1967 studying violin, piano and voice at the prestigious Manhattan school of Music while also studying dance at the American Ballet Theater Company. By 1980, she had appeared in national touring productions of "Grease" and Andrew Loyd Weber's "Jesus Christ Superstar." MARINA launched the first Voice Over Casting department at a New York City recording production facility in 1983, where she began to hone her skills as a Creative Director and Vocal Producer. Since then, some of her impressive list of clients have included The Kellogs Company, Oxygen Network, and Columbia Records.

Today, MARINA is widley recognized as a premier casting director, an accomplished vocalist/musician and an expert in the field of health/fitness & dance. She has been covered by The New York Times, The LA Times, The NY Post, Prevention Magazine, Newsweek Magazine and Family Circle Magazine and has made appearances on The Discovery Health Televison Network, PBS, Nickelodean (The N), WOR Radio, and ABC News.